Nicox launches Xailin Gel, an innovative “preservative-free in the eye” dry eye lubricant

October 13, 2014

Sophia Antipolis, France.
Nicox S.A. (NYSE Euronext Paris: COX), the international ophthalmic company, today announced the launch in Europe of Xailin Gel, an innovative multidose carbomer gel lubricant (medical device) that becomes preservative-free in the eye. Once Xailin Gel is in contact with the eye surface, the substance released by the preservative is converted to water and oxygen by ocular enzymes, making Xailin Gel ‘preservative-free in the eye’. Xailin Gel follows Xailin Night and Xailin Fresh as the third medical device to be introduced in the Xailin™ range of dry eye lubricants.
Philippe Masquida, Executive Vice-President, Managing Director of European & International Operations of Nicox Pharma, commented: “We are proud to launch Xailin Gel, our third Xailin product, offering to patients a new option which is less likely to have side effects linked to preservatives contained in most eye drops. Our innovative ‘preservative-free in the eye’ formulation enables patients to benefit from a convenient multidose presentation. We are already working on the launch of additional ‘preservative-free in the eye’ products by the end of the year to complete the Xailin range.”
Xailin™ is a proprietary brand under which Nicox is commercializing a range of quality products for dry eye which are either preservative-free or preservative-free in the eye. Xailin Gel follows Xailin Night, a multi-dose preservative-free lubricating ointment for night-time relief of dry eye sensations, and Xailin Fresh, a unit-dose preservative-free lubricant that alleviates and soothes dry eye sensations, which were launched in early 2014. Other ocular lubricants are planned to be launched as part of the Xailin range by the end of 2014. 
Nicox has established a direct commercial presence in the five major European markets, through the recruitment of specialist sales teams in the UK, Spain and Germany and through the acquisitions of Eupharmed in Italy and Doliage in France. In addition, partnerships have been established with third parties for the distribution of Nicox’s products in Switzerland, Turkey, Benelux, Poland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 

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