Nicox attends 2012 AAO Meeting in Chicago

November 8, 2012

Nicox’s US operational team, including Jerry St. Peter, Executive Vice President (EVP) and General
Manager of Nicox Inc, will present AdenoPlus™, a rapid point-of-care diagnostic test that aids in the
differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis. AdenoPlus™ was launched by Nicox in the US in October 2012
(see Nicox press release dated October 22, 2012).

Michele Garufi, Chairman and CEO, Gavin Spencer, EVP Corporate Development and Philippe Masquida,
EVP, Managing Director of European & International Operations will also attend the meeting.

Nicox’s goal is to become a new international player in the ophthalmic market by building a diversified
portfolio of innovative therapies and diagnostic tools.

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