Nicox announces the presentation of scientific data on NCX 667 at ARVO 2017

May 9, 2017

NCX 667’s sustained IOP-lowering properties following repeated dosing in two preclinical models of glaucoma highlighted

Sophia Antipolis, France

Nicox S.A. (Euronext Paris: FR0013018124, COX), the international ophthalmic R&D company, today announced a poster presentation highlighting scientific data for NCX 667, a novel nitric oxide (NO) donating compound, at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2017 Annual Meeting, one of the key scientific events in the ophthalmology calendar, being held May 7-11, 2017 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

Synthesized by Nicox, NCX 667 is the lead compound of a new class of next-generation stand-alone NO donors, which is designed to optimize NO dosing when administered alone or in combination with standard-of-care treatments to enable robust intraocular pressure (IOP)-lowering in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

The ARVO 2017 abstract by Dr. Elena Bastia, et al. describes preclinical results obtained following repeated dosing with NCX 667 in rabbit and non-human primate models of ocular hypertension and glaucoma. The data demonstrate rapid and sustained IOP lowering with no signs of tachyphylaxis or ocular discomfort.

Dr. Michael Bergamini, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President at Nicox, commented: “A wealth of experimental and clinical data support the role of NO in lowering IOP by increasing aqueous humor outflow through relaxation of the trabecular meshwork and Schlemm’s canal. NCX 667 is a novel NO donor that has been shown to effectively lower IOP in rabbit and non-human primate models following single administration. The data presented at ARVO this year demonstrate that regardless of the experimental paradigm used, repeated dosing with NCX 667 consistently lowers IOP over several days of dosing, maintaining efficacy while lacking signs of ocular discomfort.”

Open-angle glaucoma is a common ocular disorder affecting ∼2% of the adult population over 40 years old and is the second-leading cause of blindness worldwide1.

The ARVO 2017 abstracts have been published in the meeting website located at and details for the poster presentation are as follows:

Title: Repeated dosing of NCX 667, a new nitric oxide (NO) donor, retains IOP-lowering activity in animal models of glaucoma

Date and time: Monday May 8, 2017 from 3:45pm to 5:30pm ET

Presenter: Elena Bastia, Nicox Research Institute

Session: Clinical trials and drug studies

Abstract n° 2106, Poster n° A0167

Location: 2017 ARVO Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

About NCX 667

Previous promising results in two preclinical models of ocular hypertension and glaucoma were presented at ARVO in 2015 and 2016. In both models, NCX 667 appeared well-tolerated and effective in reducing IOP. In 2015, results were selected by the ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee as a ‘Hot Topic’, representing the newest and most innovative research being conducted.


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