This section is devoted to the Private Life Protection Policy used on this website. It tells you more about the source and use of the browsing information processed when you connect to our website at, operated by Nicox SA (“Nicox”), a French limited company headquartered at 2405, route des Dolines, Drakkar D, 06560 Valbonne, registered with the Grasse Trade and Companies Register (RCS) under number 403 942 642. 

When the website is displayed, information about browsing from your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) may be recorded in files, called “cookies”, installed on your terminal provided that you have already agreed to these cookies.

On your first connection to, then for a maximum expiration time of 13 months, an information banner displays to inform you about the use of cookies on the website and the purpose of these cookies.

You can accept the use of cookies while continuing to browse our website.

You can also reject the use of these cookies in general, or of each specific use of these cookies, by changing the settings by clicking on the link contained in the information banner.

Please note that you can also access the website even if you reject the use of cookies. However, you do need to know that absolute setting up will prevent some of the functions provided by this Internet website from working properly.

At any time, you can change your mind about accepting cookies being installed on your terminal by using the following link [link to be set up] or by adjusting your Internet browser to prevent some or all of the cookies being downloaded to your terminal (computer, smartphone, tablet, …).

To find out what to do, refer to the sites provided by the following link, depending on your type of browser:

Depending on the type of browser, you can also enable the private browsing mode or use the “Do Not Track” settings of your browser.

For mobile terminals, you can also visit the following links:

Bear in mind that rejecting the installation of cookies on your terminal connected to the Internet will not remove any ads displayed on the contents accessed online. Furthermore, if you use different terminals for opening our website (smartphone, tablet, computer etc.), your preferences must be set up on each of them.
If your terminal is being used by several people or if you use several Internet browsers, your settings concerning cookies may not be taken into consideration permanently, either because of the presence of another browser that has not been set up, or because a third party has modified some of your personal settings. Nicox is unable to forestall these external elements or to guarantee that the choices you made initially will last.

Finally, in accordance with articles 39 and 40 of the law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, amended, related to data processing, files and personal freedom and privacy (the law known as “Informatique et Libertés”), you are entitled to question, gain access to, change, oppose and correct any personal data concerning you.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file liable to be stored for a determined validity period by your browser on your terminal when you visit a website. The terminal where the cookie is stored can thus be identified by the issuer for this validity term.

In general, the information stored by Nicox refers to your route through the visited website in order to provide you with additional services, the advertising messages on which you clicked, the type of browser you use, the information that you input, relieving you from the need to input it all over again and enhancing your browsing experience. Cookies are also used to optimize site performance. For instance, they help you browse and tell you how to find specific contents more quickly, etc.

The various purposes of the cookies used by Nicox are described in detail below in the section entitled “What types of cookies are installed by”.

Only Nicox has access to the information contained in the cookies it emits on its website at The cookies that Nicox emits on are designed solely for the following purposes.


What types of cookies are installed by

Audience Measurement and Statistics Cookies

The Google Analytics service installed on stores and analyzes independently the number of pages viewed and the activity of the visitors and how often they return. These cookies are used to establish traffic analysis statistics from which website contents are improved according to the success achieved by a specific page among our visitors.

Some of the cookies installed by the audience measurement and statistics services are connected to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your connection terminal. This address indicates the city from which you are connecting.

Technical, setting up and browsing cookies

Cookies make it easier to browse between the pages of this website. They are also essential to bring you the benefits of some functionalities.

Cookies also store your user preferences as well as the display settings and readers you use to make your browsing easier next time you visit our website.

Social network sharing cookies

On some pages and in some of the articles of this website, there are third-party social network buttons enabling you to use the features of these networks and in particular, to share the contents they contain with other people.

When you go to an Internet page containing one of these sharing resources, your browser can forward information to the contacted social network which can then associate this display with your profile. Social network cookies for which bears no liability may then be installed on your browser.
We advise you to refer to the confidentiality policies specific to each of these social network sites, in order to review the purpose of use of the browsing information that these social networks may collect through these buttons and modules.



For who is the data gathered by cookies intended?

Data gathered through cookies installed on the website is intended exclusively for Nicox.


How log do the cookies last?

The cookies have a life duration of 13 months at the most.

It means that your consent for the use of the cookies will be requested again at the end of this maximum duration, by the display of an information banner, whatever page you connect to on If you reject, cookies will no longer be used on the terminal in question.